SkyLevin LLC
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Industrial Applications

Skylevin tower and strcture inspections

Cell tower and antenna inspections

Sklevin LLC offer aerobotic imaging services for commercial industrial applications.

Inspecting cell phone towers, bridge, structures, and vegetation can be dangerous and time consuming without the assistance of drones and the latest technology sensors for UAVs.

Inspect right of ways for real estate and industrial applications

Right of way inspections and monitoring.

Our drone equipment is state of the art:

Skylevin operates some of the most advanced UAV’s available for commercial use.  Our equipment is industrial grade and capable of providing our customers with the safety and data expected.

Our team is qualified:

Skylevin only operates with qualified and certified FAA licensed pilots.  Our crew of professionals have the experience, maturity, and skill to operate our advanced equipment in ways required forindustrial applications.

Communication tower inspection

Communication tower inspection

Our procedures are thorough:

We offer industrial aerobotic imaging services using professional procedures using methods, techniques, and standard operating procedures established

in our roots of professional aviation.  We apply
same standards of checklist usage, procedures, and planning that have when operating multi-million dollar aircraft in the commercial aviation field.


Power line and utility inspection

Aerial Drone Power line and utility inspection

Our company is FAA Approved

Skylevin operates on under the FAA exemption #14423 and #16008.  We adhere strictly to the rules and regulation of the FAA and airspace requirements.  Our customers can be confident that the FAA will not stop production because of unlicensed operations.