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Flying Drones Near Wilmington NC Airport

Wilmington Airspace Drone Search Tool

Commercial UAV Drone operations and Wilmington Aerial Photography using drones requires special attention and approval to operate near the Wilmington International Airport.  Skylevin’s owners are active commercial pilots and are concerned with the number of UAV operations within the controlled airspace within 5 miles of Wilmington without the proper approvals.

We have created this search tool to assist real-estate brokers and other local operators stay safe and clear of ILM airport controlled airspace.  At Skylevin we use a special commercial vendor that specializes in airspace compliance to assist us operate legally since we operate all over the country and need the most current airspace information, including temporary restricted areas which may be in place for national security or safe fire fighting operations.

Skylevin has already received approval at certain locations for operations within the Wilmington airport airspace and we are happy to work with other operators that need flights in areas we have been approved.  The airspace approval process can be challenging and lengthy, but the risks are operating without approval can be enormous.  Commercial operations also require a special Remote Pilot FAA License, NCDOT UAV License, minimum weather, below 400′, day time only (Skylevin holds a waiver to operate UAV at night).

Contact us for assistance or operations within ILM airspace.

Wilmington Airport Airspace Drone Operating Search Tool

(Only shows ILM, airport airspace, does NOT show temporary flight restrictions and for general reference only)

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